October Newsletter 2021

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September 22, 2021
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October Newsletter 2021

Hello Meadowcare Family and friends

Welcome again and we hope that this newsletter keeps you in the loop with all the things going on at Meadowcare. Each month we have programmed activities scheduled, but so much more happens beside!

We had such a surprise last week when we celebrated Queenie’s Birthday, this begins with a background story!

Prior to living at Meadowcare, Queenie regularly visited Broadmead and whilst there would sit and listen to a singer, called Carl. They became great friends who regularly had lunch together, and Andrea, Queenie’s daughter and Meadowcare joined forces to seek out the singer called Carl for Queenies birthday. We found him! Not only did he visit Queenie, but he sang and played for all of us for hours. Queenie was thrilled and we had a fantastic day! And thanks to Queenie and Andrea, Carl is now one of our regular singers as well as a music therapist.

This month, our women’s group suggested we do a makeup and beauty day. It went down a storm. From eyelash curlers to contouring brushes, us ladies had great fun. Gill especially loved her new look, and when looking in the mirror said ‘oooh gorgeous!’.

So, this week coming, we have a new singer called Rosie. Rosie’s forte is bringing people together with music and song. We look forward to this.

Meadowcare welcome’s our newcomers, Maggie, and Tony. Tony was an English high jump champion back in the day and this week he was delighted to see his name in Wikipedia. He could not believe it!

All things Autumn are all around us and Halloween around the corner. We plan on making crafts, making sensory Autumn table. These activities are always a focus for ‘togetherness’ and this is what we do.

We also plan a fruit tasting and fondue afternoon, come and join us anytime, we would love your company!

This month we have lovely birthday celebrations, watch this Space! Birthday cakes and parties, here we come! We are celebrating the birthdays of Jean, Lisl, Gill, Tony, Margaret, and Maggie!

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